About Us

About Us

I am a Portuguese native speaker linguist with over 25 years of professional experience.
My main specialty fields are Medical and Scientific, Marketing Research Surveys, Engineering, Law, Software Localization and IT.

I am qualified Member of ITI – Institute of Translation and Interpreting. I am Qualified under ISO 17100:2015 and Associate Member of ATA – American Translation Association

Competence in Medical and Pharma PatentsLegalMarketing TrainingITEngeneeringWebsites and apps Telecom

Specialist translations to Portuguese (European and African variants)

Our jobs are completed by native speaker linguists only
Premium service at an affordable rate
Professional Consultancy
Quality Assurance
Affordable Premium Service


José Amorim Gomes

University Dg. (FLUL); MA;MITI (Membership 3419 of ITI – UK); Member of ATA– USA; Member of the PROZ Certified PRO Network



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