Adapt or die

Elisabeth Hippe-Heisler reports from the University of Portsmouth 17th Annual Translation Conference, which focused on the march of machine translation. In a world where machine translation (MT) is becoming ubiquitous, the theme of the University of...

Man against the machine

Tony Parr looks at how new machine translation tool DeepL performs compared with two more established translation machines – and with real humans. Last year, Marcel Lemmens and I conducted a ‘mystery shopper’ experiment in which we assessed the quali...

Medical Translation

Have you ever thought about how important medical translations are? The translation of medical documents plays a vital role in the healthcare system worldwide, and can even save lives. Medical knowledge is continuously growing, and with it the amount...

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José Amorim Gomes

University Dg. (FLUL); MA;MITI (Membership 3419 of ITI – UK); Member of ATA– USA; Member of the PROZ Certified PRO Network



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